Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey good for you?

I'm planning on toning up, and losing all my chubbiness. I want results as fast as I can, doing it the healthiest way possible. I figured, this drink would be an amazing substitute for my soda addiction. But I just read the can and it says 70 calories per serving, 3 servings per can. That didn't sound too good.

Is this stuff good for you, or just as bad as any other drink?|||Green tea in general is good for you! and yes, its a great substitute for soda. The health properties of green tea include:

increased metabolism (perfect for trying to lose weight!)

preventing cancer

fighting cancer cells without harming normal cells

lowering cholesterol

decreasing the risk of heart disease

fighting off tooth decay

the only negative effect that I'm aware of is insomnia from the caffeine, but I can only imagine that's if you drink like ten cans a day haha.

So even if you aren't dieting, I would recommend green tea in any form as a great healthy addition to your diet! Also, ginseng and honey have good health qualities too!

Just be aware that Arizona green tea does have a bit of sugar, although I think they use splenda. I would think in moderation Arizona green tea is good, considering the amount of sugar, but you are still getting the health benefits from the green tea, ginseng, and honey, so it might balance out. Try getting some green tea bags also and drinking that in addition to a few Arizonas.|||Green Tea itself is great. Any tea itself is a great beverage. It's the sugar content in it that's not good.

Arizona green tea and honey probably has either too much sugar or high frutose corn syrup. I don't suggest you to drink that however, it's probably better than soda.

If you truly want to lose weight, it's the sugar that you need to take out. Brew your own tea and use a sugar substitute. I'd suggest you to skip the sugar substitute too.|||Personally if you're trying to tone up i think you should try to brew some tea on your own and add sweetener as desired. It's better that way because you know exactly what's going into it and you know that no chemicals or fake sweeteners have been added. Also if you're trying to tone up just go easy on any sugar/sweetener you use.

As for the Arizona Green Tea being good for you, I'm not sure but play it safe and brew you're own.

That's what I do:)|||I honestly dont know if any tea is good for anyone...my cousin tells me that drinking tea with a meal will block the iron from getting to your body and could make a person anemic. But with this info I'm gonna talk to my doc. Good luck with losing your chubbiness, and toning up!|||They say it is..but my husband lived off green tea for about 6 months and ended up with kidney stones. Doctor said.. NO GREEN TEA..because it is what caused his issue.

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